Do you suffer from depression? If so, you may be reluctant to use prescription medication to treat your symptoms. Perhaps you have tried a few anti-depressant medications and did not like the results of any of them. These are some common views that some individuals have due to potential unwanted side effects such as weight gain, sexual dysfunction, or addiction. There are effective drug-free solutions available. You do not have to suffer and wonder if you can get over having depression, which often accompanies anxiety. The following are a few options for individuals who prefer a drug-free depression treatment plan. 

Learn How to Meditate

There are different reasons why individuals meditate. Individuals with depression often experience negative thoughts or memories that can send them into a depressive state. They can overcome this by learning ways to meditate on positive thoughts and experiences. Another effective approach is to meditate on the current moment to get refocused and eliminate depressive thoughts. Breathing exercises can be combined with meditation. This practice involves an individual focusing on their breathing and implementing controlled breathing when unpleasant thoughts come to mind.

Evaluate Your Diet

Sometimes an unhealthy diet or certain foods may trigger depressive thoughts. Changes in diet that include more fruits, vegetables, seeds, nuts, and fish that have high Omega-3 levels can improve depression. Some individuals may need to consider discussing vitamin supplements if they know that they will not be able to eat healthier.

A change in diet can be gradual, and individuals can keep a food diary, which may help them identify foods that trigger these moods. Dairy, soy, corn, and gluten can change the emotions of individuals who are allergic to them. Allergists can perform tests to determine if individuals are allergic to these known allergens.

Some food options contain food dyes, excessive sugar, and starch. These unhealthy ingredients are commonly found in food and beverages and can trigger depressive thoughts. Label reading can help individuals eliminate or reduce their consumption of foods that have these ingredients. 


Some individuals are inactive and do not exercise. They assume they will need to do high-intensity workouts. Walking is a low-intensity activity yet is still considered a workout. The sessions can be short. If performed outside on sunny days, walking can also encourage Vitamin D production. Some individuals who have Vitamin D deficiency have depression. 

Include a Psychologist in Your Care Plans

Psychologists perform a special role in medical communities. Individuals who have depressive thoughts can discuss them with these professionals. They do not prescribe medications and are likely to be able to offer more drug-free depression treatment options. Counseling is an effective way for individuals who have depressive thoughts about past memories to have a safe environment to get their feelings out.