Children with developmental disabilities often have different needs when it comes to care, both from their parents and from their doctors. As such, you will want to take your time when choosing a pediatrician for your child with a developmental disability. Some pediatricians are simply better equipped and trained than others when it comes to offering the sort of care that your youngster needs. Here are some more specific tips to help you choose a pediatrician for your child with a developmental disability.

Look for a pediatrician in a larger medical center.

Over the years, your child may need to see various specialists for diagnosis and treatment. It will be easier for you to make these appointments and keep all of the doctors on the same page if the specialists are at the same medical center as your child's pediatrician. Your child may also be more comfortable seeing different doctors if they are all in the same building that your child grows to know well. So, while there may be some very good pediatricians who operate out of small offices, you'll want to focus your search on those in larger medical centers. 

Let your child meet the pediatrician.

It's really important that the pediatrician is someone who your child feels comfortable around. When your child is comfortable, the doctor will have an easier time caring for them and treating them. Plus, the experience will be less bothersome to your child if they are comfortable around the doctor. Most pediatricians will be happy to set up a brief meet-and-greet with you before taking your child on as a patient. Bring your child to this appointment, and pay attention to how they react to the doctor. If they seem to settle in and feel comfortable around the doctor, that's a good sign.

Read about the pediatrician's experience.

You can't always tell what experience a pediatrician has by looking at their specialty, alone. You'll learn more if you look for and read through their previous experience. For instance, a certain pediatrician may specialize in pediatric cardiology, but if you dig into their resume or published work, you may find that they spent a year working with developmentally disabled individuals during residency. A doctor with this sort of experience will be better prepared to care for your little one.

Choosing a doctor for your child with a developmental disability may take some time, but when you find the right one, you will know it. For more information, contact a pediatrician's office.