Working as a construction laborer can be a very rewarding experience financially and emotionally for many people but can also be hard on the body. For example, shoulder problems may affect many construction experts and potentially affect their careers. Thankfully, shoulder surgery can help them recover and provide many benefits that make it easier for them to work effectively.

How Shoulder Surgery Benefits Construction Workers

Laborers often use their shoulders regularly when lifting heavy equipment, moving construction material, hammering materials into place, and much more. This heavy usage can cause wear and tear damage to the shoulder joint that may require surgery to handle properly. Surgery can provide many benefits that help in many ways. Shoulder surgery:

  • Restores Range of Motion: When a construction worker experiences range of motion issues related to their shoulder, surgery may help. This can help ensure that they can lift above their head without struggling.
  • Improves Flexibility: Increasing the shoulder's flexibility is often an important goal in surgery. Decreased flexibility may make it hard for construction workers to perform their duties, and increasing it can ensure that they handle their job's demands.
  • Minimizes Pain: Persistent shoulder pain can be a major issue that may make it nearly impossible for a construction worker to stay focused or do their job. Shoulder surgery removes things like bone spurs and helps to minimize shoulder pain.
  • Restores Functionality: Problems with a shoulder joint may make it hard for a construction worker to close their hand over their hammer or other tools. Surgery can help restore this functionality and ensure that they work properly.
  • Enhances Strength: Some shoulder surgery may include replacing the affected joint with an artificial one. Doing so can improve a construction worker's strength by providing them with a stronger and more effective joint.

Construction workers who receive shoulder surgery may be out of work for several weeks as they wait for their surgical wounds to heal fully. It is important to schedule some paid time off with their construction team during these weeks to ensure that they stay financially secure. A note from their doctor stating the importance of this time off may help them in this situation.

Knowing When to Get Surgery

Construction workers interested in shoulder surgery should talk with their doctor about the best time to receive this surgery. Their physician can talk with them about the benefits of this process and come up with a plan that makes sense for their needs. This can help ensure that they get this process done properly and according to their needs. For more information on shoulder surgery, contact a professional near you.