Currently, about 35 million Americans are hearing impaired. Studies show that only 28.5% Americans with hearing problems use hearing aids. Although the number of people with hearing loss in the United States is rapidly increasing, most don't know that they have a hearing complication. On most occasions, hearing loss occurs gradually, and it's hard for you to realize it. If you suspect that you have trouble hearing, you should look at hearing aid testing.

What is a Hearing Aid Test?

This evaluation checks your hearing ability to see if you need a hearing aid. This painless and non-invasive test measures your ability to hear different frequencies, pitches, and sounds. The results help the doctor decide if hearing aids will improve your hearing capabilities or if an advanced procedure is needed.

Do You Need Hearing Aids?

The first step towards addressing hearing loss is going for a hearing aid test. Here are the four main indicators that you need to book one:

1. Sounds Seem Muffled

Take time and try to listen to people talking next door. Can you tell what they are saying even after putting one ear on the wall? If you have a hearing loss problem, the sounds would appear distant, yet those conversing are a few meters from you. This could indicate you have a hearing loss problem, and you need to book a hearing aid test urgently.

2. You Have Difficulties Hearing High-Pitched Sounds

While you don't have problems hearing low-pitched sounds, you always have trouble with high-pitched ones. In such a case, it's an indication that your ears can't capture high-intensity sounds. In medical terms, the problem is referred to as high-frequency hearing loss, whereby it becomes harder to hear high-pitched sounds, such as:

  •  Alarm clocks
  •  Doorbells
  •  Birds
  •  Telephones
  •  Vehicle honks

3. You Have Trouble Distinguishing Consonants

Do you have problems distinguishing speech consonants? You might be having hearing loss and should schedule getting a test. Some of the consonants that you may not differentiate include:

  • Sh and th
  •  S and f
  •  P and t

4. General Hearing Troubles

Think about a normal conversation. Are there times when you feel that others are speaking too fast or aren't loud enough? Do some one-on-one conversations appear unclear? These indicators might signal a hearing loss. Other symptoms to check include:

  •  Asking others to be louder during a conversation
  •  Regularly increasing your TV or radio volume
  •  Being oversensitive to certain sounds


Most people have hearing loss, yet they don't know. Since the problem develops gradually, it reduces how well your ears conduct sounds with time. You should schedule a hearing aid test to find out if you have hearing loss.