When it comes to taking care of your body or building muscles, most people think about washboard abs or maybe bicep curls. But there's another part of your body that is critical to your overall health because it literally helps hold critical body functions together: your pelvic area. If your pelvic floor is experiencing issues, this could result in anything from constipation to bowel leakage to just regular old aches and pains. If your pelvic muscles have seen better days, here are some tips that might help.

Lose Weight

If you've put on extra weight on your stomach and down towards your nether regions, this extra weight is likely causing extra stress on your pelvic floor. Losing weight will of course bring your entire body a variety of benefits, but it will also make it easier for your pelvic muscles to do their job because they won't have to carry around as much weight.

Breathe In and Out

If your pelvic area feels tightened up and is painful to you, you might have too much tension or stress in your life. Take five minutes every morning for some deep breathing exercises. You could also look into an actual meditation routine that will help relax your entire body. While meditating, focus especially on your pelvic muscles and flex them a bit as you breathe in and out.

Drink More Water

If a bad situation in your pelvic region is leading to constipation, it can sometimes be just a waiting game. But if you'd like to ease things along, you can focus on staying properly hydrated. More water will do good for your entire body in this situation and is known to help ease constipation.

Add Fiber and Lose Fat

If you are already focused on losing weight, then you've probably already looked at your diet. But if your pelvic floor is causing issues with bowel movements, you may want to especially focus on adding more fiber to your diet while cutting back on as much fat as possible. A healthier combination of foods can assist your bowels with getting back on track.

Turn to Physical Therapy

If you'd like a boost with getting your pelvic floor in shape, you may want to consider pelvic floor physical therapy. A professional will help you learn specific exercises that are designed to strengthen your pelvic floor so you can better get through the day without distraction. Reach out to a local physical therapist today for more information