If your child has woken in the middle of the night with leg pains, chances are they are having some "growing pains." These pains are defined as recurrent leg pain in children in kids from age three to twelve. If you have a child going through this, it can be scary for both the child and yourself. The following information explains growing pains and how they can be treated with chiropractic care.

The Cause of Growing Pains

There is no known cause behind growing pains in children. There are theories that they are caused by muscle fatigue due to juvenile arthritis, but they are typically caused by daily physical activity. In general, doctors prescribe gentle massage and pain relievers for treatment in children who suffer from these pains.

From a chiropractic standpoint, there are a variety of issues that can contribute to these pains. One of the first things a chiropractor will do is get a full history of the child's developmental milestones in order to gain an idea of his or her growth process. The doctor will want to know about all aspects of the child's physical movement from birth, including any birth trauma the child experienced, major falls that were suffered, and how active the child has been. Another common inquiry will include how early he or she began to walk. If a parent becomes too premature in wanting the child to walk, that could result in growing pains later in his or her life. For instance, putting a child into a walker before the legs are physically ready to walk can alter the mechanics of the leg muscles, resulting in abnormalities that interfere with the natural growth process.

In some instances, children will not only complain about leg pain but also have pain in the spine. The chiropractor will look at the entire body rather than just these two areas, as they believe that the entire body will have to compensate for the stress on individual areas.

Getting Help From a Chiropractor

Chiropractic care can help a child get some relief from growing pains through the thorough examination of the spine. The chiropractor will locate all the areas that are not in alignment that contributes to the stress of the nerves. Adjustments can help the child restore the nerve function in the entire body, significantly reducing the pain in the legs and spine.

A child dealing with growing pains can be very upsetting, but there is hope with proper chiropractic care. Seek out a chiropractor that specializes in child care, as they will be the best resource for comfort and relief. Contact a company like Exelbert Chiropractic to get started.