If you own a medical facility, you know the value in keeping old and obtaining new patients to keep your practice in business. There are several services and features you can incorporate into your daily functions to help customers remain pleased with their experience within your facility. Here are a few ideas you can use within your medical facility to grab additional patients by having your existing customers spread positive reviews to others.

Provide Round-The-Clock Service

Keeping your facility open at all hours will increase your customer base simply by having service available when it is needed. Have an on-call doctor or two available to handle illnesses or ailments that may occur in the middle of the night, during holidays, or on weekends. When the condition doesn't seem to be of emergency proportions, patients would most likely opt for a smaller practice rather than a visit to a hospital. Word of mouth would spread that your facility is a great option for those who need care during off-hours.

Use A Medical Answering Service

When times are extremely busy in the office, or during lunchtime breaks, customers calling could become aggravated when they cannot reach a human being to handle their problem. Having an answering service available to speak with people calling for assistance will alleviate the feeling of not being important enough to speak with an actual person. Having operators answer basic questions is a huge help for people looking for standard information, decreasing the number of calls that your receptionists or secretaries would need to handle during work hours. 

Provide A Favorable Environment

When your patients are awaiting their appointment, the waiting room can make a difference in the overall feeling they have while being in your establishment. Provide reading material or a television set for patients to enjoy while passing their time. An aquarium is a great touch that provides relaxation for those watching the inhabitants. Consider having two separate waiting areas so people with illnesses are kept away from those visiting for a routine checkup.

Add Some Personalized Touches

Have notices sent in the mail to remind regular patients to make an appointment for a well visit when needed. Sending out a birthday card to patients who have been dedicated customers will help you to retain them as repeat patients in the future. Newsletters can be sent via email or regular mail to inform patients of new or upgraded equipment as well as some tips to keep healthy. Personalize this section of the newsletter to give information that is beneficial for each patient depending on their age and previous health problems.