According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, over 52 million American adults suffer from arthritis, and the majority of these individuals are over the age of 65. Living with arthritis can not only cause a person to lose mobility, but it can also be painful. Moving an aging loved one that is suffering from arthritis to an independent living community could offer major benefits to this person, primarily if the community offers these two forms of therapy services.

Physical Therapy

WebMD reports that the goal of physical therapy is to help a person regain movement and use of a particular body part well enough that he or she is able to do normal, everyday tasks. Arthritis is a condition that often prevents people from completing normal tasks because it leaves a person stiff and in pain.

If a person with arthritis doesn't continue using and strengthening sore body parts, the person could eventually lose all mobility and usage of these parts. A lot of independent senior communities offer physical therapy services for this reason. If your loved one can get this type of therapy, there is a better chance that this person will hold onto the mobility he or she currently has.

Water Therapy

The second type of therapy you will find at many independent senior housing communities is water therapy (also called aquatic therapy). This form of therapy is also highly beneficial for people with arthritis, and the therapy sessions all take place in a swimming pool.

The ideal temperature of the pool water should be 88 to 92 degrees for people suffering from arthritis. This warm water is not only soothing for sore joints and muscles, but it also offers an additional benefit.

When people with arthritis try to exercise outside of water, it can be very difficult for them to move. When they complete similar exercises in water, it is easier because of the way gravity works inside water. If you are standing in water that is up to your chest, you are only bearing around 25% of your body weight. The water is holding the other 75% up, and this makes moving around easier on the body. After completing water therapy, a person often feels a reduction in pain and an improvement in mobility.

If you have a loved one that is looking for a way to find relief from his or her arthritis, moving to an independent senior housing community could be a good idea to consider. You can learn more by calling or visiting a community in your city.

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