Do you have allergies? The odds are good you might have at least one: over half of the population of the United States tests positive for some sort of allergy. Food allergies, pet dander, and hay fever are all common. But some allergies are a step beyond the sniffles, or avoiding a certain food group. You can develop allergies to things that seem everywhere and completely unavoidable. Here are a few allergies that wouldn't even occur to most people, but are life-changing to those who have them.

Water Official name: Aquagenic urticaria

For many people, the concept of being allergic to water is shocking, given how much of the human body is water already. However, it is a very real and debilitating condition. The focus of this allergy is often water contacting the outer skin, so drinking water remains safe. Unfortunately, sweating may be enough to trigger the discomfort of skin irritation or headaches in some people. Many who have a sensitivity avoid frequent bathing and be sure to cover skin fully in damp weather.

Sun Official name: Solar urticaria

An allergy to the sun extends beyond basic photosensitivity. Those who suffer from sun allergies may find themselves breaking out in itchy hives after any sun exposure. It might appear as a sunburn, but will manifest immediately and subside once out of direct sunlight. Keep in mind that there are many conditions, such as porphyria and systemic lupus erythematosus, which may cause skin to react negatively to sun exposure without actually being considered an allergy. It might be easy to confuse an allergy to sunscreen, for example, with an allergy to the sun.

Exercise Official name: Cholinergic Urticaria

There are many who joke about being allergic to exercise, but for a select few, this is no laughing matter. They may experience an allergic reaction when hot and sweaty - Conditions likely reached after exercise. There aren't many options available to treat this, as any sort of active physical activity can trigger it, but antihistamines can help to keep the issue under control.

Wood Official name: varies based on type of wood

This allergy can cause rashes on the skin, sneezing, and coughing. Thankfully, for many who have it, it is only certain types of wood that they are allergic to. Even so, they need to be extremely cautious, as the products that might use wood are everywhere, from paper to pencils to coffee tables. Certain types of finishes may prevent or reduce direct contact for those suffering from the allergy.

Talk to your allergy clinic, such as Allergy Clinic-Idaho, for more information about your allergies.