Being in the business of providing urgent care to the community places a lot of responsibility on your shoulders as a medical care provider. Many people will grow to rely on you for their primary care needs, which means it is best if you offer informative information on your website. Building a health and wellness blog into your website is one easy way to keep patients who do rely on your services informed. However, just implementing a blog and copy/pasting generic information is not for the best. Check out some of the things that should be included in your health and wellness blog. 

Information That Aligns with Seasonal Health Concerns 

Seasonal health concerns should always have a place on a good health and wellness blog. For example, during flu season, you could offer a helpful blog on how to manage flu symptoms at home or when to seek medical treatment if you believe you have the flu. Staying in line with the seasons on your blog will give patients a reliable place to turn throughout the year when they need pertinent medical advice. 

Community-Related Health Topics and Information 

No matter where your urgent care clinic is located, the community around you will be who relies on your services the most. If there are specific health scares or concern in the area, or even in neighboring counties or cities, it is a good idea to offer information on your blog about the situation. For example, if there has been a recent uptick in cases of hepatitis and the community is growing alarmed, they will appreciate a piece on your blog that explains what hepatitis is, how to avoid contracting the illness, and how to know if you are infected. 

News About Changes to the Clinic That Will Affect Patients 

If you will be making any changes to the clinic, it is best to inform patients in advance by posting a writeup on the blog about what is taking place. A few examples of changes that you may want to announce on the health and wellness blog include: 

  • If you are bringing in a new practitioner that will interact with patients 
  • If you will be doing construction or remodeling work at the clinic 
  • If there are new services available at the clinic that patients may need

By informing patients on your blog in advance of changes, you are showing them that you care about how what you do as a practice will affect the patients who do rely on your services. 

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