Having allergies while pregnant can be a challenge. Due to your pregnancy you will not be able to take many of the medications that have been proven to relieve allergy symptoms. However, pregnancy doesn't make your symptoms any milder, in fact, sometimes it can make them worse. You may be confused and wondering how you can decrease your allergy symptoms without harming your baby by taking medications. Here are a few ideas to reduce your symptoms that you are sure to find helpful.

Shut It Out

Nobody likes being shut in, but pollen and dust can come in through windows and doors and make allergy symptoms worse. A good option is to just close your windows and doors more often, until it gets warmer and pollen production subsides. If you must open your windows and doors, then install window and door screens that keep out pollen and dust.

Flush Your Nostrils

Neti pots are great for rinsing out your nostrils and removing the mucus that builds up from allergic reactions. Most of these pots also come with a saline solution that you can use with the pot for nasal irrigation. If you do not get a saline solution with your neti pot, then you can make your own by boiling distilled water along with some table salt. Make sure that you run the solution through your nostrils when it is warm to break up mucus.

Saline Solution

When you think of saline solutions you may conjure up an image of the baby you are carrying. While saline drops are usually only used to clear babies' nostrils, they are also an effective tool for adults with allergies as well. If the idea of buying or using a neti pot does not appeal to you, then you can purchase some saline drops at your local pharmacy and pour it down both nostrils every few hours to clear your nostrils of any mucus from allergies.


Honey is filled with antioxidants that fight inflammation and help to build your immunity to pollen that causes allergies. The best thing about honey is that it tastes great and is easy to incorporate in your diet. Add a large teaspoonful to your tea or drink at least twice daily, not only will it taste great but it will help to banish your allergies.

Try to combine the strategies outlined above in order to get relief from your allergies during pregnancy. If you use the strategies on a daily basis then you will find that your symptoms begin to subside. For more ideas, contact a doctor that does allergy testing