If you have a spinal surgery coming up, you already know that the recovery process can be quite long. Immediately after your surgery, there should hopefully be someone in your home for a few days afterward. However, there will be some time when you will have to be on your own before you are fully healed. The following are some tips you can do now before surgery to make your recovery process a bit easier:

Grocery Shopping

One thing that will make your recovery much easier is having everything you will need all ready to go in your kitchen. You will not be able to go out to the store for a while after your surgery, so now is a good time to stock up on some of your favorites.

Get as many non-perishables as you can so that things will last for a while. Canned items, especially soup, will be great for you while you are healing. You can also get some fresh items that can be frozen, such as fruits and vegetables. You may even want to do some cooking ahead of surgery and freeze it to reheat later.

Freezer cooking is a great way to keep from eating the same things over and over. Take an afternoon and prepare some of your favorite meals for the freezer. This can be soups, casseroles, hamburger patties, and so on. Freeze the meals in individual portions so that you can quickly heat it in the microwave.

Prepare Your Essentials

Now is also a great time to get your essential items that you will need during your recovery. Have some comfortable clothing that you can easily get on and off without too much effort. You may also require the use of special medical equipment, such as a walker and bathing equipment. You pain management materials will also need to be in one place. This includes all of your non-prescription medications, such as heating pads, ice packs, over-the-counter pain medications, and anything else your doctor suggests. Also, do not forget to gather some things that will keep you entertained while you are recovering. Get some good books, magazines, crossword puzzles, and the like in a basket next to your bed. You may also want to have your electronics nearby, along with their charging cords, so that you can utilize those as well.

Spinal surgery is a major ordeal, but preparing yourself ahead can help ease your mind a bit. Consider having a friend or relative come by to check with you on occasion to ensure you are comfortable and have everything you need. 

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