Just 20 weeks ago your wonderful wife approached you and gave you news that is changing your life forever. You found out that you were expecting a child. You had a flood of emotions run through your body: excitement, love, and maybe even a little fear. You start to get a little scared and worried, but do not fear! You will be great as long as you are there for you wife when she needs you and you give your new child the attention they deserve. Now, 20 weeks later it is time for the gender appointment. This is an important appointment so here are three tips for the 20 week gender appointment.

First And Foremost Be There 

This is a very important appointment and honestly nothing should get in the way of you making it to this appointment. In this world it can be hard to get things like work off. Well, hopefully you have scheduled the appointment at a time you can make it. However, if something comes up and your boss tells you he needs you at the office tell him you can't make it. This is going to be one of the first times that you are going to see your child and start to connect with both the child and strengthen the connection between you and your wife. So, make sure you are at this very important appointment.

Be Sure To Tell The Nurse 

There are many couples that are dying to know the gender of the baby, and that is great. It can be so fun to be together with your sweetheart and find out that you are having a boy or a girl. However, if you do not want to know the gender be sure to tell the nurse that you are waiting to know the gender before your appointment starts. This can also be a very special moment during the birth of your child, finding out what gender your child is, and you don't want them to accidentally tell you because you forgot to specify that you're waiting.

Be Excited

You may have wanted a boy or girl, but no matter what you end up having for a child you are going to love them more than you have ever known. Make sure that no matter what the gender is, that you are excited and encouraging to your wife when you find out what gender you are having at the 20 week appointment.

Keep these ideas in mind as you and your wife schedule your appointment with an OBGYN.