Finding out that you are pregnant is very exciting. Your first OBGYN visit usually occurs around the two-month mark, so you will likely have a few weeks from the time you find out you are pregnant to find the perfect doctor. Once your appointment is made, take the time to prepare for the visit. As with most things to do with a baby, preparation is the key to a happy and healthy pregnancy. The following tips can help you prepare.

Tip #1: Put together a medical history

Many OBGYN offices now mail or email you the medical history form so you can fill it out at your own pace before the appointment. If the office doesn't offer to do this, ask if you can stop by and pick up the form. The reasoning is simple – it can be hard to remember everything as you try to fill out the form quickly in the office. You also may not have all the info available. By filling it out at home, you can be sure your doctor will have all the information they need to help you throughout your pregnancy.

Tip #2: List ALL of your medications

Most women know to list every prescribed medication that they are taking. It's also a good idea to list over-the-counter items, including dietary supplements, herbal pregnancy teas, and any natural treatments, like essential oils, that you are using. Some may not be a good idea to continue while you are pregnant, while others could affect a pregnancy-induced condition such as preclampsia. By knowing all of these details, your doctor can give you better health advice.

Tip #3: Grab a notebook and use it

Set aside a small notebook just for your OBGYN visits. In the weeks leading up to your appointment, list any questions or concerns as they occur. Also, list any questions your partner has. This way you won't forget them once you are in the exam room. Bring the notebook with you and take notes on the answers you are given, along with anything else your doctor tells you. It's even better if your partner, a family member, or a close friends comes along to take notes for you. This way you can review everything later when you are more likely to remember it.

For more help and advice, contact an OBGYN in your area to set up an appointment. Good prenatal care is a must for the health of you and your child.