Choosing the gravestone for the funeral of a loved one is a sensitive matter and should be something that is carefully considered. Gravestones can represent the character and life of the deceased by using images and engravings. Other things to consider are the type of stone and the size. Below are some tips to help you choose the best gravestone for your loved one.

Consider The Type Of Stone

One of the first things you should consider when choosing a gravestone is the type of stone. You have many choices for the stone, such as graphite, slate, marble, limestone, or sandstone. You can also find gravestones made of iron, white bronze, and wood. Most cemeteries will allow you to use any kind of stone, but some churchyards may have limitations on the types of stones they permit.

Choose The Size

When you decide on the type of stone you want for your gravestone, your next decision is the size of stone. In many cases, there is a maximum size allowed, but this depends on the place of burial. Some people choose the size of a headstone dependent on the age of the deceased, such as a smaller headstone for a child and larger for a grandparent.

Consider Quotations

Many people choose to put quotations on their loved one's headstone, as it is a good way to represent their life. You should think carefully about the quotation you use, as it will be seen by generations to come. Consider the color you want the lettering to be, as well as the font and size. Think about your loved one's life and the quotation that goes best with them. For example, if they loved to read books, you may want to consider a quote from a famous author, or you could write your own quote.

Use Ornamentations And Photo Plaques

Ornamentations are a visual reminder of the deceased, which is often symbolic of personality, religion, personality, or their favorite hobby. You could consider a beautiful cross if they were religious, a fish if they were an avid angler, music notes if they loved music, etc. Get together with your family to come up with something unique.

Photo plaques are an image of your loved one that is set onto the gravestone. These images are made durable enough so they can stand up to extreme weather conditions. Choose the photograph carefully. You may want something serious or something more relaxed and natural.

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